A floor pattern guide that shows you suggested ways to change the shape and size of your enclosure.
All the detailed color drawings make it easy to create your ultimate Universal Cage!
Years ago I wanted an iguana cage that fit my changing needs. My handyman worked extra hard on this project and came up with the ultimate enclosure design he calls...THE UNIVERSAL CAGE!
Moving from one residence or room can be very difficult with a solid cabinet type enclosure. Universal cages break down into small sections for easy moving! Even through those smaller doorways. A girlie-man could do this!

What do you do with all those extra enclosures you collected as your little baby reptile grew to a large adult? With a Universal cage you can add new sections as your little monster grows. Saving you lots of money and space!

Do you have trouble finding someone to help you move your bulky habitat? The Universal cage only needs one person to disassemble or reassemble; so you don't need nobody's stinking help!

Do you want to be creative with your custom enclosure? The Universal cage design allows you to be as creative as Leo DaVinci. Change from a cabinet style to a corner style without buying a new enclosure or additional modification!

You need a large cage but don't have the large budget. The Universal cage fits any budget. Even a cheapskate like you can afford one or two or three as your money allows!

Ever break just a part of the cage and had to replace the entire thing or try to get just that part replaced? The Universal cage is built with stuff you find at your local hardware store! So you can fix it, add to it, or modify it anytime you want!

Ever move your cage to find the door didn't open the right direction or the location was wrong? You can move the door to any side you want or have it open the direction you want without additional customizing.

I love to save money using natural sunlight. Setting these cages up outdoors is so easy. They are even easy enough to use for traveling.

We know you're a genius when comes to building stuff. The Universal cage drawings are made to be simple for the other idiots, but you can get your own copy of how to build them just for the fun of it!
It's called that because there are worlds of possibilities from this simple and unique design. Here are some reasons this cage was created:
I use this Universal Cage to display my crocodile monitor during my educational exhibits - Marshal Joel
The design is so simple with so many possibilities, we couldn't keep it a secret.

Even if you have never built anything before, I've made it easy for everyone to understand and build.

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What's the cost? A cage 3ft.w X 6ft.L X 6ft.h, like the one I use below, was less than $200 in materials to make. Compare this price and all these benefits to any custom enclosure available. I'll show you everything you will need for a successful project with these plans.
------The Bottom Line-----
More pictures of cage expanded