Reptile Ranger has reptile training, reptile enrichment, and reptile behavior videos. We have the world's largest gathered information on Crocodile monitors, Varanus salvadorii. We also feature the best free custom reptile cages for you do it yourself enclosure makers.The Universal Cage is a large reptile cage made for iguana, monitors, snakes, and other animals that can grow as your animal grows.
Training and Enrichment
Here on the range we strive to teach basic reptile care and training. We train to develop a relationship with our animals and promote safe handling procedures. We practice methods of enrichment to relieve stress and aggression among reptiles in captivity. Definitions and methods here maybe a bit different than you are used to, but they are proven methods that will help you become a great Reptile Ranger!
Learn more about training reptiles here. Start reptile training in 1,2,3 steps video Read my journal how each step is done.
Videos of reptile training, enrichment, behavior - lizards, crocodilians, tortoise, turtles, snakes
This large custom cage is the most versatile reptile enclosure ever made. Designed for iguanas, monitors, snakes, or tortoise, this enclosure can go anywhere you go and fit just about anywhere. This is as custom as you can get; it has the ability to change shapes and sizes with your needs. Indoor or outdoor flexibility makes this the most beneficial cage for your reptile.And I'll show you how to build this amazing cage for yourself!Get the designs here.
Universal Cage
Babies have hatched! Watch them hatch.
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We did it! Our Crocodile monitor babies have hatched!
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Live feed of our Crocodile monitors! Mating season starts soon. Get instructructions here.
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Mating season starts soon. Stay up-to-date with our progress here.